Chicken thig

Product Line:

Chicken thig are the contiguous meat between the chicken body and garlic chicken thighs. The chicken thig meat is dark and firm, with a moderate amount of fat alternating with the thin outer skin.

Chicken thighs are a part that contains many tendons, so it has a large amount of protein, which is good for muscles and muscles. In addition, chicken thighs also have many minerals, calories, and protein to help the body replenish energy and enhance health. Especially, chicken thighs are easy to make into many delicious dishes, suitable for all ages and loved by many people.

Products are raised according to the organic method of Vietgap standards. Products are manufactured and packaged from a poultry slaughterhouse that meets HACCP-ISO 22000 standards: modern cool meat preservation technology, ensuring the quality of fresh, intact meat to customers.

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