HR Policy - Compensation regime

Ba Huan personnel culture

All employees working at Ba Huan are entitled to their 13th salary, they are also recognized for their contributions during the year and they can also have deserving rewards.

The deduction and payment of Social Insurance, Health Insurance and Unemployment Insurance shall be fully implemented in accordance with the provisions of law. In addition, the Company also participates in Accident Insurance for employees so that they can enjoy benefits when they are unfortunately at risk outside of work hours.

Every year, the Company often evaluates and adjusts welfare policies, creating more practical incentives for all officers and employees so that employees can work and devote themselves to the Company with peace of mind.

Working equipment

About computers, seats and equipment to support work. For smooth operation, the right tools and tools are indispensable. A properly arranged workspace that meets the specific characteristics of each department will help complete tasks faster and contribute to higher performance.


Officers and employees with achievements and contributions to the department’s performance are recognized, praised and rewarded. All compensation and welfare policies are built towards the goal of motivating and motivating employees to work hard to assert themselves and develop their careers.

Other benefit policies of the Company

Organizing festival activities, collective activities, organizing for officials and employees to visit and relax… through which employees will also have the opportunity to understand each other better and promote the spirit of work. group more effectively.

Giving gifts on important events of each individual such as birthdays, marriages, or on holidays: International Women’s Day, Vietnamese Women’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, etc.

Organize professional training courses to perfect skills and knowledge that meet the requirements and challenges at work. Give employees the opportunity to participate in practical training sessions held regularly so that everyone can experience and learn.

Job opportunity