Ba Huan Company continues to accompany Revive Water Run in Da Nang

Ba Huan Company accompanies the Revive Water Run event taking place on May 28 at East Sea Park, attracting the participation of more than 3,500 athletes in Da Nang.

Following the success of the race that took place in Ho Chi Minh City on April 23, Revive Water Run continued to land in Da Nang, attracting the attention of a large number of athletes from professional to semi-professional and professional. residual. Youth.

The content of the program revolves around entertainment activities that combine water elements such as running track, water stage, water sports games to create its own attraction, especially when taking place in hot weather. ..

Tin tức hoạt động Ba Huân


The program is accompanied by the nutritional chicken egg brand Ba Huan, famous for its nutritious egg products that have been trusted by Vietnamese people for many years. Ba Huan’s healthy nutritious egg product line includes Omega 3 chicken eggs, Vitamin E chicken eggs and DHA chicken eggs which are 3 types of eggs with high nutritional content.

Each egg line is researched and produced for its own purpose, typically Omega 3 chicken eggs have the ability to support brain and vision development, strengthen the immune system, and contribute to slowing down aging. memory decline.

The DHA chicken egg line supports the prevention and inhibition of harmful cancer cells, helps the body recover, and contributes to the fight against agents affecting cardiovascular disease. If users need to supplement Vitamin E through food, they can choose the line of Vitamin E chicken eggs with the vitamin content in each egg.

Tin tức hoạt động Ba Huân
Nutritional egg products of Ba Huan.

In addition to the success of quality, Ba Huan eggs always make users feel secure thanks to the thorough screening and processing with European technology, which eliminates most bacteria, the enterprise said.

This companion from Ba Huan brand not only helps promote the image of delicious – clean – good chicken eggs created by Vietnamese hands exclusively for Vietnamese people, but also spreads the spirit of sport and health. from both fitness and nutrition to athletes at the Revive Water Run 2022.

Tin tức hoạt động Ba Huân
Runner has fond memories on the Revive Water Run in Da Nang.

Tin tức hoạt động Ba Huân