The Revive Water Run ended successfully with the companionship of Ba Huan brand

On May 28, the Revive Water Run officially closed its journey with the participation of Ba Huan brand and more than 8000 athletes in 2 cities of Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh.

Bringing a new theme to the running community, the Revive Water Run event has made an unforgettable impression on more than 8000 runners. A unique experience like never before, vibrant music stage, exciting challenges, running track with water challenges throughout the race created a new race that is far from the usual.

Tin tức sự kiện Ba Huân
Athletes take pictures at Ba Huan booth

Especially with the companionship of the chicken egg brand Ba Huan Nutrition has increased athletes’ love for running. Not only participating as a sponsor, Ba Huan brand also donated more than 5000 delicious and nutritious chicken eggs to support athletes in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

As one of the food brands that always focus on people’s health, Ba Huan brand focuses on sustainable nutritional values through meals in Vietnamese families. High nutritional content, certified by competent authorities, which are: Omega 3 Chicken Eggs, Vitamin E Chicken Eggs and DHA Chicken Eggs.

Each egg product is researched and developed with its own nutritional purpose. In which, the line of Omega 3 Chicken Eggs nourishes the brain, vision, and has the ability to prevent memory decline.

Tin tức sự kiện Ba Huân
Thousands of Ba Han brand eggs give strength to athletes

To prevent and inhibit harmful cancer cells, protect bones and joints, users can choose the DHA chicken egg line. Those who are deficient in Vitamin E can use the Vitamin E Egg line with the standard vitamin content in each egg.

All Ba Huan chicken eggs before being put on the market undergo a thorough screening process and are treated with European technology to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria. Thanks to this, Ba Huan chicken eggs are not only popular with many families but also favorite nutritious food of people who often play sports.

Joining the Revive Water Run this time, not only sponsoring 5000 nutritious eggs, but Ba Huan chicken egg brand also promotes morale, encourages and spreads physical activities to improve health.

Tin tức sự kiện Ba Huân
The athlete happily received Ba Huan’s eggs

The journey named Revive Water Run has successfully closed in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, promising surprises that will continue to return in the following years.

Source: Yeah1