Since 2013, Ba Huân Company has introduced Hyline chickens into its production line, as this breed is known as the “Super Egg” breed from the United States. This chicken breed has many advantages, especially its high egg production, which is why it is imported and raised by many countries around the world.


The Hyline Brown breed is produced by Hy-Line International, a company established in 1936. Currently, this breed also includes hybrid crosses such as Hy-Line W-36, Hy-Line W-98, Hy-Line Silver Brown, and Hy-Line Gray. Hyline chickens are raised in 120 countries worldwide, and Vietnam directly imports Hyline Brown chickens from Unicoast Corporation Import & Export U.S.A since 1993, and this breed is still popularly raised in Vietnam.

Hyline chickens are known for their optimal feed utilization, easy maintenance, guaranteed egg quality, and beautiful brown eggshell color, meeting the requirements of the domestic and export markets. Hyline chickens have been recognized in Vietnam as an imported breed allowed for production and business activities.

Hyline chickens have dark yellow feathers, a single comb, yellow skin, large legs, and lay eggs with brown shells. Purebred Hyline chickens have light brown feathers, slim and small bodies, and a single comb. They start laying eggs at 18 weeks of age and can produce around 340 eggs by the time they reach 80 weeks of age. When newly hatched, female chicks have brown feathers, while male chicks have white feathers. The Hyline Brown variety has dark yellow feathers, a single comb, and yellow skin.

Hyline Brown is currently the most stable egg-laying breed in the world. They can start laying eggs after only 3.5 – 4 months under normal conditions. Each year, a female chicken can lay around 280 – 290 eggs, with each egg weighing between 56 – 60 grams. The feed consumption for 100 eggs is approximately 15 – 16 kilograms. The egg production is 280 – 290 eggs at 76 weeks of age, with a high egg-laying rate (300 – 310 eggs per year), and they can continue laying for up to 52 weeks. The highest laying rate reaches 93 – 96%. Hyline chickens reach sexual maturity early (start laying eggs at 18 weeks of age) and have good fertility and successful hatching rates.


Hyline chickens originate from high-laying strains in the United States.Hyline Brown (from Ba Vi Purebred Egg Breeding Enterprise) has been imported into Vietnam and distributed in the southern region. Hyline Brown was imported in 1995 from the United States by Ba Vi Purebred Egg Breeding Enterprise. Therefore, since 1995, Hyline Brown chickens from the United States have been imported and raised in some provinces in the northern region, chosen by farmers after adaptation and development. However, currently in Vietnam, there is no enterprise capable of developing a large-scale operation.

After successful trial periods with HyLine chickens at a farm in Binh Duong, Ba Huân Company officially partnered and supplied HyLine breed chickens in Vietnam from September 2013, with nearly 500,000 HyLine breed chickens entering the market at that time. Until now, Ba Huân Company continues to use HyLine breed chickens for their high egg production in their poultry egg production process.

Recognizing the value that this breed brings, not only in terms of higher and more stable egg production compared to other breeds but also in producing eggs with significantly higher nutritional quality, Hyline chickens were selected as the breeding stock for Omega-3 enriched eggs. These eggs are selected from HyLine commercial breed chickens and raised with imported nutrition sources from the United States following a closed-loop process. Each egg is screened and subjected to bactericidal treatment. The poultry farming system applies a closed-house model.